Accelon has a unique philosophy towards ERP Implementation, after all, it’s the most important part. With multiple years of experience in implementation of SAP Business One and a deep understanding of various domains – our implementation service delivers results. We are Methodological & Precise in our implementation strategy that has been perfected with each implementation over the years. Key to successful implementation is working closely with the customer & we do so to ensure the software is in accordance with the requirement of the customer down to the last detail.

Our Implementation Project Methodology is divided into seven stages

SAP Implementation Initial Analysis
Initial Analysis

It is our belief that every business is unique and has specific requirements. Our consultants get in touch with your team & work with them to analyse & understand your precise requirements. Once the requirements are discussed, we then document it to avoid any future inaccuracy.

SAP Implementation Documentation Blueprint
Document & Blueprint

After analysing and finalizing your requirements, our consultants prepare documentation of the existing (if any) and proposed business solution. This documentation includes processes, approvals, reporting, document printing requirements, etc. And based on this a strategy for development & execution is devised in the form of a Blueprint for your business.

Define requirement

With the blueprint in hand, next step is to define and map the requirements to SAP Business One. Plan where customizations might be required to further optimize processes to make the implementation as cost-effective, simple, & practical.

Build & Configure
Build & Configure

Now starts the technical part, where all the work happens. Our consultants install the required hardware and software first. After that SAP Business One is configured in accordance with the specifics defined in the early stages, customizations, data migration, development of reports and layouts for printing happen during this phase. Your masters, opening stock, open balances, open transactions etc. are also imported during this stage.

Rigorous Testing
Rigorous Testing

Once the configuration is complete, it is then time for testing. Thorough Testing is of utmost importance before using the new system and we leave no stone unturned in that. Our consultants tirelessly work with user teams to carry out User Acceptance Testing and test all the functions of SAP Business One ERP, applicable to your business.

Implementation Training
Training & Going LIVE

After Testing is done, the training of end users begins. They’re trained on the basis of their roles and the permissions that they have. Users are trained on the A to Z of SAP Business One ERP solution to work with it efficiently & make their jobs as well as the business processes easier. Also this is the phase where we finally “Go-Live” With the hardware & software installed and users trained, we ensure a smooth transition that lets you start using and making SAP Business One your own.

Support & Maintenance

The story doesn’t end here though. While we help you build a system that’s best for your business, it’s not enough. Maintenance of the solution once it’s in place is equally integral to keep it updated & healthy. Our maintenance and support programs ensure complete peace of mind for the customer as our experienced teams take care of it for you.

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