Businesses usually need to interact and provide information to various people. Lot of these people are outside your company or continuously on field. This includes your business partners, like customer and suppliers. And also your sales and service staff. At times you might have a large number of such stake holders – without whose contribution running successful ERP becomes difficult. At the same time, extending your SAP Business One ERP to all sales and service staff might not be feasible due to costs and technical constraints. Similarly extending SAP Business One to your customers or suppliers is impractical for various reasons. Web based portals or mobile apps can come in handy in such situations. These portals / apps would be integrated with SAP Business One – but would be accessible directly on internet and does not require expensive licenses. Portals can be used for various purposes:
  • Sales Opportunity / Quotations
  • Sales Orders entry by sales executives, customers
  • Service Tracking
  • Reports required for field staff, customers, etc
Over the years we have helped several customers realize the full benefits of SAP Business One by developing portals which integrate with their ERP system. We also provide reliable and cost-effective hosting for such portals, as well as build the complete integration with SAP Business One.

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